The wait for the launch of the new groom and ceremony collections amet 2019 by Cleofe Finati is fervent.

Amet 2019 by Cleofe Finati is a collection that amaze. Improbable mixes, elaborate over the top details are the opposite of classic beauty. What was vulgar yesterday is chic today. Every culture and each social class has its individuality and brings something new to our wardrobe.

The Mood

Amet is a long, tight and screamed hug, an hug that unites different cultures and social classes with a street dress-code opposite to the statutory idea of luxury. Collections 2019 by Cleofe Finati: where the freedom of thought has never been so intense!

Every detail of the brand Cleofe Finati is never left to chance, but always faithful to the pleasure of building our identity and diversity in the Made in Italy 100%.

For 30 years,Cleofe Finati brings diversity to the world and makes it the market trend. For 30 years it is a growing brand because it becomes the mirror of the soul of that man who in a brand seeks his personality and his own way of expressing himself, free and with great culture.

We remember in fact the absolute loyalty to the Italian manufacturing and to the precious and uncontaminated yarns with which the weaves of the fabrics of Cleofe’s finished works of art are made.

Cleofe Finati is a haute couture brand that moves together with the aesthetic beauty of a design sculpted between history and art through the pleasure of choosing the opportunity of a made in Italy to paint ourselves with Italian excellence.

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