The expert in interntional sports law , Angelo Cascella, wearing Cleofe Finati.


The beauty of the Cleofe Finati suits is that they are not just perfect for the ceremonies but the Style signed Cleofe Finati goes beyond.
It reaches as far as Milanello, the home of the soccer team AC Milan and as far as the style of the expert in interntional sports law Angelo Cascella, judge of the TAS.
The groom is not the only one who chooses our Maison to be at the center of attention, but the career man who wants to represent himself and his Company at the best. The lawyer Cascella choose a suit from the Luxury Collection Cleofe Finati to explain the possible destiny of Milan’s team under the media spotlight.
Cascella sits at the Tribunale Arbitrale Sportivo (Sports Referee Court) of Losanna and he dedicated himself to soccer even for the troubles that emerged during the Soccer European Cup in Poland, 2012.
Thanks to his law studies, Cascella entered the sports world and he ended up representing teams, important players and federations during their troubles and legal battles at FIFA, Premier League, LEGA Calcio, Liga, FIGC and CONI.
And the lawyer does his job with style thanks to the man suit signed Cleofe Finati. It is the triumph of the Made in Italy, in its most winning expressions: fashion and sports.
The sophisticated and elegant fashion isn’t bound to runaways and ceremonies anymore. Finally, the rules are broken and so are the classical ideas of fashion, all to bring the Italian artisanship back to its splendor.
The versatility of the Cleofe Finati suits leads to meetings of distant but similar worlds, such as fashion and sports. But the pairings can be endless.
The stylists of our Maison are dedicated to the research of the latest trends in man fashion. Our researchers are always on the lookout for latest styles for a unique and beautiful creation -shiny especially under the media spotlight.