The maison is pleased to announce the debut of the new version of the website

News in Archetipo!
The maison haute couture is pleased to announce that the debut of the new version of the website is set for next September the 1st.
The restyling that we wanted for our website is not only about the graphics – much more in “Ars Life” style, then more colorful – but also in the structure that expands to new categories and contents.
That’s how the current site Archetipo – that focused on the company, its history, its philosophy and its concept – gives way to the site Cleofe Finati, focused on the brand, the collections and the services through which the Maison continues to carry on the concept of excellent 100% Made in Italy.
The new website wants to be a valuable tool for contacts and information or for those who want to know and learn the philosophy of excellence of the Maison, the collections, the accessories and related services.
It’s a new era for Archetipo, which always aims to the excellence and this time it does it not only through the high quality of its products, but also through the importance of the web, considering that the Maison is increasingly active and followed on its social networks and the Blog.
Restyled website, new layout, updated content, but the values of all time!
We invite you to follow all the news related to the launch of the new website that will be online starting from September the 1st.
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