Beautiful and in love. The Archetipo Group is happy to present Marco and Noemi, the winners of the photo competition “Archetipo Brides and Grooms” 2015 edition.


Hundreds were the competing photos. Tens of thousands of votes were given by web users. Ten were the finalist couples among which a commission selected one single winner. The chosen photo charmed the judges for the perfect harmony of the couple, the visual composition and the technical execution of the photo. Marco and Noemi are the winners of the fourth edition of “Archetipo Brides & Grooms”. Marco bought his elegant Cleofe Finati by Archetipo suit at the official retail store Laura Romagnoli Empoli.

The contest is organized by Archetipo and is open to all the grooms who choose to wear the excellence of a suit of Cleofe Finati or Unconventional Collections by Archetipo on their wedding day. The success met by the last edition was extraordinary. The contest involved and entertained the brides and groom in the competition, together with their friends and relatives. Great is the expectation for the new 2016 edition. The exclusive prize for the winners is a dream weekend in Venice, the city of Love, to live again a new honeymoon sponsored by the Archetipo Group.

Matrimoni autentici Cleofe Finati

Here their interview:
– Tell me about your first date
Our first date?! How not to remember. I was celebrating my 16th birthday, June 17, 2001. It was not a real date, but our first meeting, we presented and..we fall in love, but then after a “summer love” we met 10 years after!

Matrimoni autentici Cleofe Finati

– Question for him. Which was your first impression when you saw yourself wearing a Cleofe Finati suit?
Marco: I was always a little bit vain, when I saw myself in the mirror I felt really wonderful, all those details made me crazy! The red cuffs, the details of the various accessories: suspenders, buttons, flower handkerchief in the breast pocket, all the details that make the difference that made me unique. You know a peacock? Yes, I felt so!

Matrimoni autentici Cleofe Finati

Question for her. Which was your first impression when you saw him wearing a Cleofe Finati suit?
Noemi: to be honest I love the Cleofe Finati suits, like when you have a real love at first sight. I was reading a magazine and I was delighted to watch the wedding suit. When suddenly I come across a page that catches my attention: there was a full-page with the wonderful Cleofe Finati suit. Short jackets, tailcoats, whimsical fantasies, elegant arabesques. Immediately in my mind, knowing Marco, I thought that it was perfect for him! So I cut out the page and the same evening I was shown what the chic style Cleofe Finati, and he exclaimed, “this is the ‘refined elegance with which I want to be your husband.” So, we immediately sent an email to customer service that communicated to us the nearest store! I went with him to buy the suit and he was so beautiful! But it is when I entered in the church I saw him and I immediately thought it was just wonderful!

Matrimoni autentici Cleofe Finati

– And now dedicate a song to each other…
“Fumo Blu” by Mina…it’s our song.

Matrimoni autentici Cleofe Finati

And now the interview to Laura Romagnoli…
– Laura, did the groom know already what suit he wanted, or did he rely on your experience and professionalism to make the choice?
Mark initially come with his mother and his bride, looking for a Cleofe Finati suit. He did not have a precise idea of which model to choose, but after various proposals, he found his dream suit in a magnificent model of the prestigious Luxury line. The suit was immediately appreciated by him and his whole family.

– How did you make the groom fall in love with his Cleofe Finati by Archetipo suit?
It was quite simple because the suit fit him perfectly. By the way the suit was wonderful and reflected fully his personality: dynamic, resourceful and very fashionable.

Schermata 2016-02-14 alle 01_Fotor_Fotor

– Who followed the groom in the choice of the suit?
The sale was entirely followed by me – Laura Romagnoli, owner of the shop – because the Archetipo line is one of the top companies of our store. As mentioned, as soon as I saw the groom wearing the suit, I did not hesitate to express my appreciation and enthusiasm. I think he really appreciated my opinion. We always try to be as honest with our customers and we try to prefer their happiness over everything. The suit itself was magnificent. Key for us was send the playful idea of ​​marriage: a whole day in which the bride and groom are the protagonists, discovering the funny side of this important day. Precisely for this reason, they were also added to the dress items such as the cylinder and the stick, which made the suit – and Marco – very unique.

Schermata 2016-02-14 alle 01_Fotor1

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