Beautiful and in love. Cleofe Finati is happy to introduce Salvatore & Valentina, the winners of the photo competition “Cleofe Finati Brides and Grooms” 2016 edition.

Gli Sposi a firma Cleofe Finati

Hundreds were the competing photos. Tens of thousands of votes were given by web users. Five were the finalist couples among which a commission selected one single winner. The chosen photo charmed the judges for the perfect harmony of the couple, the visual composition and the technical execution of the photo. Salvatore & Valentina are the winners of the fourth edition of “Cleofe Finati Brides & Grooms”. Salvatore bought his elegant Cleofe Finati by Archetipo suit at the official retail store “Laura La Sposa Chic”.

Gli Sposi a firma Cleofe Finati

Here their interview:

1) What do you like of her/him?
Salvatore: First of all her beauty, then her geniality and kindness
Valentina: The fact that he’s an Artist

2) There is a sentence that means a lot for you?
Salvatore: We have our own sentence of Modigliani’s movie “The colors of the soul”, which is “If I’m lucky I’ll paint your eyes because it means that I will have understood your soul.”
Valentina: He asked me to see a movie that’s called “The colors of the soul” and dedicated to me the sentence that says, “If I’m lucky I’ll paint your eyes because it means that I will have understood your soul.”

3) Tell me a nice moment spent together?
Salvatore: There are many, certainly the wedding and the trip to Rhodes to see an ancient shrine of St. Michael.
Valentina: There are many, but among the best was to travel to Brussels, right atmosphere,
like a little honeymoon

Gli Sposi a firma Cleofe Finati

The contest is organized by Archetipo and is open to all the grooms who choose to wear the excellence of a suit of Cleofe Finati or Unconventional Collections by Archetipo on their wedding day. The success met by the last edition was extraordinary. The contest involved and entertained the brides and groom in the competition, together with their friends and relatives. Great is the expectation for the new 2017 edition. The exclusive prize for the winners is a dream weekend in Venice, the city of Love, to live again a new honeymoon sponsored by the Archetipo Group.

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