The pocket square for a man is a detail that should never miss in the total look of his suit.
“Pochette” for the finest, “pocket square” for the more casual look, whatever you call it, this accessory is required to complete the look of the suit.

Abito da sposo cleofe finati
You might think it’s necessary to wear it only for fashion lovers, or for sophisticated outfits, nothing more wrong: that Pocket is there for a reason and the pocket square goes strictly worn always, whether it’s a simple casual jacket or a suit jacket.
May seem simple to match a pocket square to a suit, but it is not so: If choosing a beautiful pocket square by hand can give a sophisticated touch to the groom’s suit, on the other hand, to choose it in the same fantasy of the tie represents a negative match, therefore it must be absolutely avoided the pairing between the Pocket square and the tie of the groom’s suit.
Wool, cashmere and silk fabrics are preferable, as well as a mono color will be more appropriate if combined with formal wear.

Cleofe Finati Limited Edition
A doubt tied to this accessory that completes the groom’s suit is “how to fold it”. There are different ways, the most suitable for a wedding suit and formal wear is the “Rose”, emblem of the Maison Cleofe Finati.