The shirt is a must have that completes the total look of a suit, that should be chosen in a detailed way in order to avoid to look banal. It is therefore imperative to opt for the right size and the right pattern, in order to match it exactly to the groom’s suit.
Here there are tips to avoid mistakes.

The ideal shirt should fit perfectly to the body, almost like a second skin, it must follow the lines of the bust and shoulders. The most popular models are regular-fit, tailored-fit and slim-fit (perfectly in line with the body).
Cotton and silk are undoubtedly the most suitable for a suit, since they are the most comfortable fabric to wear, which are also durable and fresh.
Tradition requires that the color of the groom’s shirt should be white, although also other colors or fantasies are well accepted, depending on the groom’s taste, on the color of the wedding suit or the wedding theme.

We go to the collar of the shirt, which will also have to fit perfectly to the lines of the body. For this detail, the most popular collar is the Italian cut.