Andrea Marcaccini wears a suit of the Luxury Collection by Cleofe Finati

A suit by Cleofe Finati, capable of overthrowing the typical gentlemen style thanks to a renewed Prince of Wales.

Used in the mid-nineteenth century by the English crown, the prince of Wales returns every year with great resonance, which is synonymous with contemporary chic poetry.

The excellence of 100% made in Italy is shown in the finishing touches and through the design of ”Pied de Poule” that tells a story. Ancient male designs such as the Pied de Poule, belonging to Scotland in 1800, enclosing the figure of the stylized leaf, a symbol of excellence in growth, fertility and renewal, to reveal a deeper and hidden soul reflected in the acanthus leaf, (Acanthos). Greek mythology tells of Apollo, God of the Sun, in love with the Acanto nymph so much as to turn it into a “sun-loving” plant.
It symbolizes the metamorphosis that is accomplished through falling in love and also the great and small gestures that we are ready to do for love.

A suit for the groom who wants to be always impeccable during the wedding day and proposes a dandy double papillon, made in the same matching tie fabrics, to adopt a more casual look.