“Cleofe Finati Men’s Brides” is the initiative of the Maison Archetipo, which gives space to the Brides of the Men who have chosen Cleofe Finati suit.
The initiative wants to make the Brides, their personalities and their bridal dresses as protagonist.

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Valentina Peselli, the beautiful Bride of Salvatore Lombardo, the winner of the Contest “Cleofe Finati Brides&Grooms”.
Valentina is the first of the “Cleofe Finati Men’s Brides”, we find out more about her …
Born in Viareggio on 23/02/1981, he studied aerospace engineering at the University of Pisa where he graduated with 110. In this she followed the footsteps of his daddy engineer too. She works since 2005 (one month after graduation) in a numerical computing company, and in particular deals with structural audits for several customers across Italy and abroad. She loves to travel for both work and pleasure; In particular she loves Greece where she tries to return every year. She loves to read, draw and paint. In leisure time she loves watching movies of all kinds.
She loves her family more than anything else and she feels lucky.

Listen to de audio and discover more about Valentina and her Wedding Dress