Born in our style department, the dandy jacket is a line of extreme sophistication dedicated to the groom who opt for a dandy style on the day of his wedding, with that touch of creativity and excellence typical of the maison Cleofe Finati.

In the men’s clothing world, the dandy fashion jacket is a must-have for fashionable contemporary man.
There are several things to consider when choosing a dandy fashion jacket, starting from the details that characterize it.
Cleofe Finati’s dandy fashion jacket, has a unique style and taste, is jacket is a three-button jacket with high lacing and the size of the revers varies according to the trends, but the current rule is to opt for a slimmer revers for a modern look that gives emphasis to the shapes of the body.
A dandy bridal jacket that does not give up on elegance, through a pure artistic creation dedicated to a groom looking for a “unique” and impeccable style for the wedding day at Cleofe Finati.