A suggestive elegance expressed in the use of lines and materials outlines this men’s wedding suit.
We observe the line of this couture single-breasted jacket with two buttons and a single-breasted high stiff collar worn upright to streamline the body or folded down with a lapel effect, the jacket front has a rounded bottom characterised by a sinuous curved line. A groom suit with narrow shoulders, a very high armhole with lean sleeves enriched by four buttons at the bottom with open eyelets, a tight-fitting back created with an elegant length, matched to lean and slender trousers.

A pure tailored men’s outfit: we observe the fabric that delineates and wraps the body, a yarn-dyed wool (60%) and silk (40%) satin interweaving two-tone sky blue yarns for a splendid pearl blue.
Let’s fall in love with the relaxed freshness of the waistcoat and couture accessories made in 100% silk jacquard brocade inspired by the world of prints with its paisley patterns and their incisive line, we find them randomly arranged on twill backgrounds, similar to butterfly wings recalling oriental designs.
We observe the 100% silk brocade of the pearl blue waistcoat enriched by cream reflections, the same colour as the paisley pattern. We note how the double ascot resumes the same brocade in a desert sand and paisley cream variant knotted to the same light blue of the waistcoat mixed to sand notes and crossed by light blue fantasies. Among the matching groom accessories we note how the waist belt and braces complete the palette with a manly touch reworking the same brocade through anthracite grey, medium grey and pearl tones.

A men’s wedding suit finely matched to a mid blue cotton shirt with collar, covered buttoning and double cuffs in white cotton.
A men’s wedding outfit created for a groom who wishes to be always impeccable during his wedding day and offers a double bottom bow tie, in the same matching of fabrics as the ascot for a more casual look.
The groom suit in completed by a 100% silk sand-coloured pocketchief crowned by a cream brocade crossed by light blue paisleys. The couture accessories are confirmed by the choice of a pair of two-coloured avio blue patent leather shoes with light blue topstitch and heel and an anthracite grey “blues” hat.
A fashion expression, an extremely elegant men’s wedding suit and a pure artistic creation dedicated to a groom looking for a “unique” creation for his wedding day. A refined men’s outfit signed Cleofe Finati.